Making the call regarding therapy for yourself, your child, or your family is a difficult first step.  Taking this step toward healing can be humbling, vulnerable, and full of doubt and questions.  I am here to help direct you as you make this decision, discussing what your concerns are, and the best way to address them.

As a Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapist, I view the nature of hurt and healing from a primary relational and spiritual perspective.  In my therapeutic approach, therefore, I strongly consider attachment styles and early object relations, understanding that those past relationships effect one's personality, style, and current relationship dynamics.  Ultimately, I believe that every person, child or adult, desires to be deeply loved, hopes to feel secure in themselves and with others, and longs to be accepted for who they are and who they were created to be.  Over the course of time, and for a variety of reasons, people sometimes lose sight of or fail to develop their true self and function out of a less solid sense of self.  This can then lead to confusion, conflict, and distance intra and interpersonally.  It is my passion to help you find your true identity and to be intimately connected with those you love.

If you desire a more whole you or healing for your child, marriage, or family, please call me for a therapy appointment today.